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December 19, 2023

Setting Up a Zoom Meeting:

  • Sign In:
    • Go to the Zoom website (https://zoom.us/) or App and sign in to your Zoom account. If you don’t have an account, you can sign up for free.
  • Schedule a New Meeting:
    • Once signed in, click on “Schedule a New Meeting” or “Host a Meeting” (the exact wording might vary).
    • Fill in the meeting details, including the date, time, and other settings.
    • Click “Save” or “Schedule” to create the meeting.
  • Get the Meeting Link:
    • After scheduling the meeting, you will be redirected to the meeting details page.
    • Copy the meeting link; you will share this link with your participants.

Inviting Participants:

  • Copy the Invitation:
    • On the meeting details page, you’ll find an option to copy the invitation. Click on it.
  • Share the Invitation:
    • Paste the copied invitation into an email, message, or calendar invitation to share with participants.
    • The invitation includes the meeting link, date, time, and other relevant details.

Starting the Meeting:

  • Join the Meeting:
    • At the scheduled time, log in to your Zoom account.
    • Locate the scheduled meeting on the Zoom dashboard.
  • Start the Meeting:
    • Click on the “Start” button next to the scheduled meeting.
    • Follow any on-screen prompts to open the Zoom application.
  • Adjust Settings (if necessary):
    • Before admitting participants, you can adjust your audio and video settings.
  • Admit Participants:
    • Participants will join the meeting using the link you shared. As they join, you’ll see a list of participants waiting in the “Participants” tab.
    • Click on “Admit” to allow participants into the meeting.
  • Manage Controls:
    • As the host, you’ll have controls to mute/unmute participants, turn on/off video, and manage other settings.
  • End the Meeting:
    • When the meeting is finished, click on “End Meeting” to close the session.

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