Learn what you need, Fix what’s broken
Service at Your Home or Remote Connection

Servicing Palm Beach & Broward Counties


25 Years Experience in Training and Repair

The Teach

  • Basic Tutoring-PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, Tablets
  • Learn to Organize Files and Bookmarks
  • Learn to Remove Spyware
  • Learn to Speed Up Computer
  • Learn to Set Up Daily Back Ups
  • Learn about Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin
  • No Computer Experience, No Problem. I can help.

The Fix

  • FIX Email, Outlook on All Devices
  • Computer Tune Up/Clean Up
  • Fix and Remove Viruses, Spyware, Keyloggers, Trojans, Rootkits, Rouge Search Engines……….
  • Replace Old Hard Drive with faster SSD Drive.
  • Reinstall Windows or Mac OS
  • Clone Failing Hard
  • Data Copy, Back Up & Recovery

Remote Connection Service

Remote Connection Service:

I can connect to your Computer as long as your computer has Internet access. You simply go to a secure web page, put in a code, and it's as if I'm sitting at your computer. The connection is safe and secure. Once connected, I can remove a virus, troubleshoot Outllook email issues, fix speed issues, help with virtually anything that you need. Also, remote tutoring works very well using this method. Can be done for PC or Mac. The price of a remote connection is lower than Onsite service.

Onsite Service in your Home or Business

Onsite Service in your Home
or Business:

I'll come to your home or business and teach you how to clean up your computer or fix it while you watch. Computers that may require a physical part such as a solid state hd or ram/memory can have that done in your home or I can bring it back to my computer lab and return it all fixed up.

I can Tutor you in programs such as Word, Excel, and help with file organization and Folder Management.


Onsite Visit:
  • $70 per hour
Remote Connection Service:
  • $60 per hour
Pick Up, Fix & Return:
  • $195 (not including parts if needed)
Other Services:
Set up new iPhone with data transfer, Troubleshoot Internet Connection Issues, Set up Wifi Extender or Wifi Mesh System, Set up TV for Netflix and other Movie services, Configure VPN to hide IP Address

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Computer Teach & Fix

Learn what you need, Fix what’s broken Service at Your Home or Remote Connection. 25 Years Experience in Training and Repair.