Adaptive Computer Accommodations for Visual Difficulties-Decrease Screen Resolution

Try decreasing the computer's screen resolution. This will make everything larger.

How to decrease screen resolution on a PC or Windows
1. Right-Click on Desktop and click Display Settings.
2. You can drag the slider to make text larger first. If this is all you need, then you're good.
3. Click Advanced Display settings and change the screen resolution.

How to Decrease Resolution on a MAC or Apple Computer.
1. Click the apple menu, then click System Preferences.
2. Choose Displays and adjust the resolution as needed.

A FREE Program to Check for Adware and Malicious Software

The program is called Malwarebytes. It is available for FREE and there's also a paid version.

It also works for both PC and Mac.


  1. Adware
  2. Keyloggers
  3. Website re-directors
  4. Rootkits

You can download from Just click the FREE Download Button

So if you're comfortable downloading and installing this program, I'd recommend running it once per week or every other week. You're doing this at your own risk.

If your computer is badly infected with viruses/Malware and you need help, Computer Teach & Fix can do a Virus Removal Tune Up (Onsite or Remote).

Remote Connection Service

Remote Connection services can be used for tutoring and fixing/repairing. You must be able to connect to the internet for a remote connection.

You can be located locally in Fort Lauderdale, Florida or anywhere in the country or world.

How Does it Work?

  1. We arrange a time and I call you at that time
  2. I ask you to go to and type your first name and a passcode that I give you.
  3. You need to click connect, then yes, then ok.

That's it, we're connected and I can use your computer just as you do while connected.

We'll use the phone to speak and I can help you with questions, issues, problems, or simply a lesson in email, Word....etc.

Wifi Internet Stopped Working-Simple Fix

Whether you have XFinity or another provider, sometimes the Internet will stop working.

Try unplugging your Router/Modem from power for one-minute.

When you plug it back in, be patient. It could take 5 to 10 minutes for it to start working.

If this doesn't work it could be an issue with your computer or the Internet is down.

Laptop Stopped Working

Laptop has no video, maybe doesn't turn on? This may also work for desktops and All In Ones. Pc and Mac

Your laptop may be stuck between on and off.

Try holding down the on button for 10 full seconds. Then turn it on as you usually do.